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Web Design & Development

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Joey Wilder

Joey Wilder and the Modern Man is a sleek and sophisticated design mixing minimalism with a contemporary warm approach that centers both a bold and strong brand that's simultaneously warm and innovative.

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Equitable Operations

Equitable Operations is a leader in human resources for small businesses bridging the gap between business operations and equitable business practices. The brand is designed to feel approachable yet slightly rebellious and uplifting.

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Anna Jae Fit

Anna Jae Fit is a fitness and lifestyle transformation company designed for women of color and working moms. The site is created to give both a relatable yet urban feel to it emphasizing the unique background of the founder while also bringing a sense of inclusivity.

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Erin and Sarit

Erin and Sarit is a lifestyle transformation company leveraging fitness, mindset, nutrition and daily habits for transforming your body and your life from the inside out. The site is designed to give both a warm and inviting feel that's also bold and innovative bridging the gap between their bad ass approach and compassionate spirits.

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Jacqueline Yvette

Jacqueline Yvette is a site designed for messaging and marketing services geared towards online business owners who want support with their copywriting through a psychology based lens. The Design is inspired by a boho chic feel focused on minimalism and an airy experience for the viewer.

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Darshana Avila

Darshana Avila is a nature based approach to sex, love, and relationships. The site is designed to give an organic and natural feel that offers an experience of spaciousness, feeling calm, relaxed, and open for more.

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Anna Marsh Nutrition

Anna Marsh is a site designed for functional medicine services through a trauma informed lens and offers both a practical and holistic approach to healing from the inside out with an emphasis on science and lab testing.

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Carruth Cellars

Carruth Cellars Urban Winery is a site for a local brick and mortar and online wine shop for locals to stay up to date on upcoming events and book private tours, tastings, and more.

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Shift With Beth

Shift With Beth is a Modern and fun site that sparks both safety and inspiration for people wanting a trauma informed approach to transformation and life coaching.

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Francesca Liparoti

Francesca Liparoti is a health and wellness company for perimenopausal women needing support with hormone health. The design of this site is meant to be a minimalist approach that feels grounded, simple, and inviting.

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The Hangar 76

The Hangar 76 is a site built for a local brick and mortar venue with a built in brewery, winery, and pizza along with a commissary kitchen and office rental spaces.

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Hormones With Eleni

Hormone Restoration With Eleni is a clean, eloquent and inviting site designed for women seeking support with healing hormones and gut issues through courses.

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Tara Michelle Health

Tara Michelle Health is a site dedicated to gut health and nutritional support for women struggling with IBS and other gut related symptoms who want support getting lasting relief from their issues.

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Karenna Soto

The Karenna Soto Podcast and site is the home for all podcast episodes relating to full self expression and transformation in both life and business.

Go High Level

Quantum Strategies

Quantum Strategies is a site designed on Go High Level for a Human Resources firm that serves small to large businesses in better managing their employees and keeping up with the best human resources practices.

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