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Attention Coaches, Service Providers, and Solopreneurs:

Stop relying on social media to grow your online business

Build An Evergreen Online Business in One Day and go back to living life on your terms.

Join us for a LIVE Full Day Virtual Workshop Event

September 21, 2022 from 10am - 4pm EST Virtually via zoom

7am - 1pm PST / 3pm - 9pm BST

Can't make it live? Replay will be available!

Tired of being stuck on the organic social media marketing hamster wheel?

Ready to have a fully automated business that doesn’t revolve completely around you?

Join us for a full day workshop where you’ll receive an interactive and action-oriented experience that gives CEOs and business owners the tools to:

  • Make sales on autopilot without having to rely on constantly making new posts on Instagram or Facebook
  • Have INSTANT credibility with a website & brand that positions you as the leading expert in your industry and answers all your clients questions before they even ask
  • Have a CLEAR and DATA DRIVEN plan on HOW to spend your time, WHO to hire and WHAT systems you need to give you the actual time freedom you deserve without compromising your profit.
  • Have a fully automated system that converts your social media followers into loyal email subscribers and seamlessly takes them through a powerful (and completely automated) sales sequence that does all the selling for you!

Hi we’re Soph & Mel!

Co-Founders of The Online business automator & The Sacred CEO™ Agency

And as multi 6 figure business owners ourselves, we know a thing or two about the dark side of entrepreneurship without systems.

Start Automating, Streamlining and Sustainably Scaling your business TODAY

(without the burnout & problematic practices. 😉)

Believe us when we say, WE GET IT.

Mel & Soph (Your Automation Advocates) have both experienced the toxic traits that come from relying solely on IG & FB to scale our businesses online.

Our companies have generated nearly $2M in revenue in the past few years – but that was NOT all profit and definitely NOT the glamorous laptop lifestyle that we envisioned.

Can you relate?

  • The quicker we scaled, work anywhere became WORK EVERYWHERE and no matter where we were, we always found ourselves consumed by client calls, projects, and the need to always be responding to emails from clients.
  • Launch after Launch may have been fun with all the sales coming in the door, but we hardly knew a life outside of social media, let alone actually having any privacy because EVERYTHING we did in our personal lives HAD to relate to our business.
  • We spent upwards of 20+ hours per week on sales calls and Dm’s and manually replying to client emails.
  • Our calendars were FULL – we didn’t know what real spaciousness felt like.
  • If we weren’t making content to post or on sales calls, we were working with clients or trying to plan the next launch. There was, literally, no chill.
  • OVERWHELM and ANXIETY were the norm and we simply could NOT survive without multiple cups of coffee because our nervous systems were on overdrive.

If you’re reading this, chances are you might be finding yourself in a similar space.

If you are a coach, consultant or course creator who:

Has created clear and concise offers and KNOW your ideal clients

Have been a one person show and been wearing ALL the hats

Have grown your business faster than you can keep up with

And you want to consistently and sustainably Scale Your Business by at least 10% each year while DECREASING your time IN the business by at least 30%

This Workshop Was MADE FOR YOU


The Goal is to create a business that GIVES YOU the time freedom AND profit margins you desire that fully align with your company values.

Without the toxic and problematic systems that have been unconsciously passed down for generations.

SURE, you could totally “quantum leap” and scale to that seductive 7 figure mark faster than anybody’s business- but what about the repercussions that come WITH such fast and massive growth?

  • The amount of stress, activation and responsibility within your own nervous system to now have to maintain this massive level of growth without the proper systems
  • Being forced to constantly extend your emotional capacity and override your natural need to rest and reset by willing your way through and “making shit happen”.
  • ALL the fires you’ll be putting out that will inevitably come up with ANY growing process – Does it feel like your business is up in flames lately?
  • The constant state of overwhelm and busy-ness that comes with doing more, growing more and earning more.

Without taking the time to properly setup the systems (and support) on the backend, this type of quantum growth will likely do two things:

Let’s change that and build both a more equitable and ethical way to scale online that is manageable for your nervous system.

Stop relying on social media to grow your online business

LIVE FULL-DAY Virtual event on September 21, 2022 from 10am - 4pm EST via zoom

Lifetime Access for only $47 USD


Session Breakdown:

This is a value packed workshop geared towards taking ACTION and IMPLEMENTATION where you’ll be making moves to automate your business.

Ready to automate your business? Join us today!

If you can’t attend live, no stress – we don’t do urgency or emergency around here so rest assured you’ll have LIFETIME Access to the replays that you can work through at your own pace.

“I Was Able To 4x My Revenue In 12 Months And Get Back My Freedom To Spend Time With My Family”​​

Natashia is an incredible spiritual mentor and channel PLUS an amazing mom of 4 who went from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by her business to finding a model that worked FOR HER.

She was not only able to 4x her revenue but also buy her dream home, pay off all her debt and have the TIME back to spend doing what she loves with her family,

Meet Lorisa, a past grad client who crushed her first $35k month, quit her full time nursing job and was able to go full time in her online business from the support working with Soph.

Meet Ali, an FEE grad & full time mom who was able to take the strategy taught by building a more systematized business that was so much more streamlined for growing with ease.

Christine’s traffic has never been higher, she has people calling her offices every single day from all over the country to sign up to work with her team of coaches and join her certification program.

“This website has allowed us to feel even more proud of the work we do in that it really represents the quality of services, support, and love that we want to offer people.”

Kristi’s business has grown exponentially since launching her new site now that she has an efficient process for attracting new leads & bringing in new clients.

“I feel so good about having a website and brand that is authentic to me, true to who I am and true to the mission that I have in the world. I have a website that I can be proud and confident of sending my clients and prospects to.”

Lifetime Access for only $47 USD

Workshop Starts In: