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Attention Coaches, Service Providers, and Solopreneurs:

Ready to Scale
without Social Media?

By leveraging the power of SEO Marketing so you can:
  • Rank on Google
  • Rank on YouTube
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Organically grow your email list

all while spending LESS time posting or dm’ing on IG & FB

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Let's Face it: relying solely on social media is like building your digital home on quicksand

If you're not constantly posting, you quickly become irrelevant to the algorithms (and your audience)

SEO Marketing is an Evergreen Content Strategy That COMPOUNDS Your Efforts Year After Year

If you want to start building a solid foundation for your digital home, it’s time to consider leveraging SEO to help you grow.

We’ll teach you a simple (yet effective) system to:

  • Get more traffic FOR FREE with LESS EFFORT (like the traffic you’re already producing without all the hours spent online)
  • Grow your reach and expand the impact of your efforts with Waterfall Marketing which allows you to leverage one piece of content in 4-5 different ways
  • Grow for the long term, so eventually, you don’t have to rely on social media and can finally step away from the daily grind without your business falling apart

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Join us LIVE For our 2-hour Workshop Wednesday, January 11th @ 10 am PST/ 1 pm EST

for a JAM-PACKED FREE training to

demystify SEO marketing

HOP off the social media hamster wheel

and start your journey to becoming an evergreen expert in your business

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Can't join us live? A recording will be available for 48 hours after the training

Replay expires at 12pm on Sunday November 20, 2022

Are you tired of the rampant performative, faux business practices you see online?

Let us show you (for free) how to scale your business with ethical evergreen marketing

This training is PERFECT for folks who are:

  • Disinterested in commodifying themselves, leveraging lifestyle marketing, privilege, or performative antics to sell on social;
  • Passionate about building long-term assets that demonstrate your expertise in your field and provide profound value to your audience (even if they don’t buy from you right away)
  • Ready to have a fully automated system that seamlessly takes followers through a robust process that does all the nurturing, selling, and enrolling for you.
  • Curious about the compound effects of evergreen content and the long-term benefits of building your SEO-portfolio

By this point, you're likely wondering

How much longer do you want to keep up with the demands of social media marketing?

If you are a coach, consultant or course creator who:

Has created clear and concise offers and KNOW your ideal clients

Has made consistent sales using Instagram and Facebook

Built your business without a website, funnel, or sales page(s)

We're here to teach you (or your team) HOW to

build a long-term traffic machine

that doesn’t rely on ads

or constant social media posts to function

What You'll Learn

This is a VALUE-PACKED 2-hour workshop geared towards taking ACTION and IMPLEMENTATION

Ready to leverage the power of SEO Marketing for your digital business?

If you can’t attend live, no stress – you’ll have 72-hour access to the replay to catch up on all the epic content we’ve shared.

“I Was Able To 4x My Revenue In 12 Months And Get Back My Freedom To Spend Time With My Family”​​

Natashia is an incredible spiritual mentor and channel PLUS an amazing mom of 4 who went from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by her business to finding a model that worked FOR HER.

She was not only able to 4x her revenue but also buy her dream home, pay off all her debt and have the TIME back to spend doing what she loves with her family,

Meet Lorisa, a past grad client who crushed her first $35k month, quit her full time nursing job and was able to go full time in her online business from the support working with Soph.

Meet Ali, an FEE grad & full time mom who was able to take the strategy taught by building a more systematized business that was so much more streamlined for growing with ease.

Christine’s traffic has never been higher, she has people calling her offices every single day from all over the country to sign up to work with her team of coaches and join her certification program.

“This website has allowed us to feel even more proud of the work we do in that it really represents the quality of services, support, and love that we want to offer people.”

Kristi’s business has grown exponentially since launching her new site now that she has an efficient process for attracting new leads & bringing in new clients.

“I feel so good about having a website and brand that is authentic to me, true to who I am and true to the mission that I have in the world. I have a website that I can be proud and confident of sending my clients and prospects to.”

Watch The Full 2+ Hour Replay Before It Expires In


Join Us LIVE For our 2-hour Workshop Wednesday January 11th @ 10 am PST/ 1 pm EST


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