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Automation & Systems Are Your New Best Friend.

At this stage, your Hidden Secret Sauce for sustainable scaling is ALL-AROUND systems, automation, and simplification.

This is a stage very few entrepreneurs ever actually get to, let alone sustain for an extended period of time, for soooo many reasons. The biggest ones being the level of energy, commitment, and time required to truly make it sustainable.

The biggest problems at this stage:

    1. OFFERS: This is not your problem. You nailed your offer; it’s what’s gotten you to where you are; the real issue is everything else that comes after.
    2. CLIENT DELIVERY\OPERATIONS: You have more clients than you know what to do with. Quality problems are still problems, though, aren’t they? How are you supposed to support all these people without losing your mind?
    3. SALES: Poor closing rates, unqualified leads, too much time spent on sales calls, no actual sales systems, and a lack of tangible assets that sell for you. You’re probably not even tracking your sales anymore; if you are, that spreadsheet is perhaps a total mess. Mmm.
    4. MARKETING: Everything is manual. You are LIVING on your phone. It’s a nightmare, but you legit feel like you can’t quit. IG & FB have been your home, but you can’t help feeling a little burnt out and frustrated with how much TIME you need to maintain the brand. What if you don’t want to show up one day? What if you didn’t want to rely so heavily on social media? Someone help this woman!! (don’t worry, we got you!)
    5. BRAND: Hunny, it’s time for a serious upgrade. You need to stop DIY’ing it and hire real professionals to take this off your plate. IT IS TIIIIMMMMEEE. I can guarantee your DIY’ed website, funnels, sales pages, and graphics cost you waaaaayyy more money than they are saving you.

Now here’s one really important thing to remember: THERE IS A SEQUENTIAL ORDER TO THIS PROCESS. It’s important NOT TO SKIP STEPS!

If you haven’t fully buttoned up and streamlined your offer before you streamline client delivery, you’ll be running into issues later down the road. Vice versa, if you try to jump into solving sales and marketing problems before you tackle your client delivery and offer issues, it’s going to be an uphill battle FULL of problems later down the road.


Here's the the thing...

We live in a hyper-fixated culture fueled by quick wins, fast cash, and quantum leaps that don’t consider our decisions’ long-term IMPACT on those around us.

This thinking breeds a self-centered business model prioritizing SPEED over equity and sustainability.

It’s the premise of toxic capitalism and the culture of Woke Money Mercenaries.

And can show up in hand full of ways:

  • Overpromising and selling services or products we aren’t qualified or prepared to deliver
  • Over-investing and putting ourselves in risky financial situations that compromise our sense of discernment and character
  • Taking on more than we can adequately handle and jeopardizing the health & well-being of ourselves or the container we’re meant to be leading.
  • Unconsciously perpetuating unethical and problematic practices rooted in a predatory and racist history
  • Constantly launching new shiny offers without ever fully optimizing previous ones

At the center of everything is…

your systems & automation

Tired of feeling like you're always putting out fires, living in chaos and never able to catch a break?

What if there was a way for you to sustainably scale your business without burning yourself out?

That’s right. 

An approach to streamlining your entire business backend so you can get your time back without compromising the quality of your container OR your life.

(This is the part where we share that this is precisely what we teach and do. 😉)

We believe there are 4 core phases to equitable business and sustainable scaling

(all of which are in chronological order)


Create an ethical and sustainable offer and pricing model you can equitably scale online without burning yourself out.


Streamline and automate your client delivery, sales, and onboarding processes to increase your growth capacity.


Build a website-centered business and quality brand with assets you own that showcase your expertise in the industry.


Compound growth through the power of SEO & Email Marketing, enabling you to make sales on autopilot for years to come.

If you've landed on this page, it means your primary goal is working through:

Phase 2: Streamline and automate your client delivery, sales, and onboarding processes

So you can equitably increase your growth capacity.

The foundations of automation

Think of it this way, each offer you create needs to have the following elements for it to scale:

  1. Client delivery & onboarding system that allows you to support clients through the process and ensure client success
  2. Sales and onboarding system with a way to collect payments and deliver the service or product
  3. Marketing system to consistently generate new audience members and nurture your relationship with your audience to increase sales and revenue.
  4. Operations and project management system for ensuring all projects run smoothly in the company and all systems are operational.
  5. Brand and Public Relations system for navigating continuous growth and reputation in the public eye.

Now imagine the challenge when YOU are the only person responsible for EVERYTHING in your business, and even worse, you’re doing it all manually.

The more time you spend doing everything EXCEPT client delivery, the less time and energy you have available to take on more clients. This means your client capacity will decrease dramatically.

Why am I spending so much time going into this?

Your ability to scale your business is 100% determined by the number of clients you can ethically support within a given timeframe BASED on your availability, energy, and *capacity*.

So what happens when we have 3, 4, 5, or even ten different offers we’re running throughout the year?

CHAOS. Complete and utter chaos happens.

We’ve coined what we call the RRR™ Framework, which outlines the following:

Put simply, prioritizing the CLIENT experience, and the CLIENT results in any offer increase our reputation in the industry. 

The better reputation we build, the better relationships we’ll continue to nurture, which will catapult our client results, thus putting us into a beautiful upward spiral of sustainable scaling.

Of course, the opposite is also true. The LESS care and priority we put into nurturing our clients’ success, well-being, and growth, the worse their results will be, thus damaging our relationships and our reputation, which is a complex and fast flame for burnout.

Your solution? Focus on perfecting ONE offer at a time and creating an exceptional client experience that breeds impeccable results. 

When you master this, you’ve got the very foundations of business.

Here are the few most extensive systems I encourage all clients to put into place:

    1. Automate your client delivery experience as much as possible: Anything that can be systemized, duplicated, repeated, or turned into automation needs to be done, like yesterday. Three hours of automating this today will save you MONTHS of precious time and energy over the next few years and open up your capacity to take on more clients so much sooner!
    2. Automate your onboarding experience: That’s right, automate! Contracts are signed, payments are taken, welcome emails are sent, courses are given access to, and intake forms are. Turn this whole process of whatever you do after someone says they want to pay you and automate every single step of the way. Your time is WAY too valuable to be spent here.
    3. Automate your testimonial and review system: Get a plan in place NOW that starts to automatically ask clients for testimonials and results in your program so you can collect that data on autopilot. I know you won’t remember, so do it now!
    4. Automate your off-boarding system: We’re not playing; it’s time to get back all your time. What is the plan for offboarding? Do you have one? Get clear on exactly what needs to happen and the steps that go into place and streamline it!

Suppose you spend more than 50% of your time on client delivery doing everything above manually. The dilemma in these scenarios is the reality of being human.

You only have so much time and energy in a day. If you also have children, family, other career goals, relationships, or personal responsibilities, eventually, something will have to give. Know your limits and boundaries and choose to either eliminate, automate, delegate or simplify the rest.

Few key things we can do right away to button up your sales process:

    Your time is your most precious asset; let’s protect it.

    Here’s the easiest way to do this: Create an application for your sales process that requires any potential candidates to give you the detailed insight you need to know if there is a good fit for you or not.

    Now I can’t personally decide what your metrics for perfect clients need to be, but I will say to get clear on your deal breakers; what makes someone an absolute no-go for your product or service? What are the final minimum requirements for someone to be able to work with you?

    Frame these into questions and mandate that someone provides this info before being able to take any more of your time 🙂

    Simple, and yet oh so powerful. This is essentially a guide that walks potential prospects through your service details, testimonials, case studies, and critical questions to help them prep for the call with you.

    You’re setting the stage before they even get on the call!

    Want an example of what this would look like? Please email us at: and ask for a few of our fave enrollment guides we’ve created over the years to give you a taste!
  3. Have an automated calendar booking system: This is one of the more manageable components you can connect to your application form and enrollment guide. We use our platform,, for automating this entire workflow, but the foundations are this:
    1. Booking page with your availability for someone to schedule a sales call with you
    2. Application form either before the calendar OR put the questions into the calendar booking system so you can get their answers beforehand.
    3. link the enrollment guide in the confirmation email that goes out after someone books a sales call with you
    4. Have a follow-up email sequence automated for the following:
      • Reminder emails before the call
      • Cancellation email if someone needs to reschedule or cancel their appointment
      • No show email sequence if someone doesn’t show up to the call 
  4. Have a flawless checkout page with the products set up so someone can easily click the link, put in their card info, and give you money. Make sure this is seamlessly connected to your onboarding system mentioned above!

  5. Create the best copy ever and turn it into a gorgeous sales page that does all the selling for you. If you’re at the $100k+ mark in your business, it’s time to build your sales page and save yourself SO MUCH TIME in the long run.

  6. Have a testimonial page full of case studies where you can showcase all the incredible results your clients have gotten from working with you. This is crucial. Social proof is one of the industry’s most significant critical indicators of legitimacy. Even if no one reads or watches every video and every testimonial, the fact is, YOU HAVE IT.

Do not proceed until you’ve completed the steps above and your conversion rates are consistently above 40-50%.

A Website Elevates Your Brand & Automates Your Information Delivery

A strategically designed website will give you INSTANT credibility and position you as the leading expert in your industry. The website also answers all your client’s questions before they even ask, leading to more sales and fewer emails in your inbox.

Benefits of a Website

  • Automate information delivery
  • Receive more qualified applicants
  • Gain credibility and boost your expert positioning
  • Provide evergreen information about your services even when you aren’t actively marketing on social media
  • OWN your brand and assets
  • Builds a long-term reputation away from trends/platforms
  • Leverage SEO and content marketing
  • Receive Press and Interview opportunities
  • Increase your prices with an elevated Brand

A website is your 24/7 employee and needs to do more than look pretty; It needs to be strategically designed with a proven system that converts.

People are much more likely to buy from you when you have a website that follows these strategies. And when your website is selling for you, that frees up your time to work on other aspects of the business and not be stuck in manual marketing mode 24/7.

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization

An SEO strategy means your content is shown as a result of people searching for a solution to their problem or answering their questions on Search Engines like Google.

Search engines determine which content provides the best information makes on Keywords. Keywords categorize and rank your content in search engines that correlate with what people are searching for.

This means, instead of constantly posting on Instagram and Facebook competing with the algorithms and disruption marketing, you get to focus on VALUE and QUALITY content that is highly searched by people who WANT to find you. 

Instead of paying for ads to get your content in front of audience members, search engines like Google and YouTube will automatically push your content out to users SEARCHING for answers at no charge.

Benefits of SEO on Your Website

  • Build Online Real Estate that you own and control
  • Develop a lead generation strategy that compounds over time
  • Gain credibility as a “go-to” expert that people are searching for
  • Grow your email list without needing to post on social media constantly
  • Create Evergreen content that will build your brand indefinitely
  • No more 24/hour social media burnout cycle
Before you can genuinely rely on mastering SEO power, you’ll want to get started with a high-quality brand and SEO-optimized website as the centerpiece of your evergreen machine.


Here’s what we need to start building our email list:

    1. Create a powerful Opt in to move people off social media and onto your email list: an asset you own where you’re not 100% dependent on the FB & IG algorithm to give you visibility and reach.

      What’s something people would love to get as an absolute value add freebie that you can create and send out to the ethers for everyone to say yes to and join your list?

    2. Have the funnel ready: Three pages, real simple: opt-in, confirm the subscription, and thank you page to download the freebie.

    3. WRITE THE EMAIL SEQUENCE: This is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT STEPS. Have a powerful nurture sequence prepped and ready to go that will dazzle and wow your new community members with the massive amount of value and depth you bring to their inbox every week that allows them to want to stay connected and on your list.
This is more than enough to get you started and begin moving everyone off social onto your own actual platform. We won’t be diving too deep into SEO at this stage since you’ll need an active email list and website to leverage SEO.

Email Marketing Principles:
  • Be sure you’re emailing your list consistently, ideally once weekly.
  • Keep your emails straightforward; no need to overdo them.

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The Goal is to create a business that GIVES YOU the time freedom AND profit margins you desire that fully align with your company values.

Without the toxic and problematic systems that have been unconsciously passed down for generations.

Hi we’re Soph & Mel!  (Your Automation Advocates) 

Co-Founders of The Online business automator™ & The Sacred CEO® AgencY

As veteran business owners with a combined 15+ years of experience in the online space and a plethora of financial success scaling multi 6 figure brands online, we know a thing or two about the toxic side of entrepreneurship without systems.

We believe in taking an Intersectional Feminist approach to online business growth.

(without the virtue signaling & problematic practices. 😉)

Believe us when we say, WE GET IT.

Our companies have generated a combined $2M in revenue in the past six years – but that was NOT all profit nor the glamorous laptop lifestyle we envisioned.

Can you relate?

  • The quicker we scaled, work anywhere became WORK EVERYWHERE, and no matter where we were in the world, it felt like we were ALWAYS putting out fires.
  • Launch after Launch may have been wildly profitable, but we hardly knew a life outside social media. (The toxic trait of a personal brand is EVERYTHING in our personal lives HAS to relate to our business.)
  • Our calendars were FULL – we didn’t know what fundamental spaciousness felt like.
  • If we weren’t selling on IG & FB, we were either working with clients or planning the next launch.
  • OVERWHELM and ANXIETY were the norms; we could NOT survive without multiple cups of coffee because our nervous systems were in overdrive.

Without taking the time to properly set up the systems (and support) on the backend, this type of quantum growth only does two things:

Let’s change that, shall we?

A less "sexy" (and more nourishing)
path to scaling

Since 2020, Mel & I have made massive changes to the way we build and scale our businesses online, including:

  • Breaking up with live launch models by focusing on evergreen products and services that allow us to generate revenue year-round.
  • Divorcing Facebook & Instagram personal brand marketing and shifting to a referral-based business model rooted in value, results, and high-value relationships (Mel’s last IG post was in June 2020 @mel_judson).
  • Fully automating sales, onboarding, and client delivery processes getting hundreds of hours back every year.
  • Leveraging our websites and professional branding assets as the central hub for all transactions.
  • Honing our email marketing, list building, and SEO-marketing practices have allowed us to grow our audiences on autopilot.
  • Simplifying our business models by eliminating unnecessary processes, practices, or products, freeing up hours of our time each week to focus on what matters most to us.
  • Refining our core offerings through comprehensive analysis allows us to make data-driven decisions about pricing, scalability, and client capacity.

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