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It's Time To Optimize Your Offer

At this stage, your biggest bottleneck is likely getting started and creating an equitable offer you can scale.

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What's Going On?

You're a NATURAL-BORN creative, which means You have an endless amount of ideas, passions, and goals you want to achieve in the world.

Here's the kicker... chances are, you also have hundreds of folks giving UNSOLICITED and conflicting advice on how to do it. swearing it's the "fastest" and "easiest" way while simultaneously CONDEMNING anyone else's approach.

Simply Put, IT’S overwhelming. It's confusing. and it's not a fun, profitable, or easy place to be.

there are a million ways to build a business and a million different types OF businesses you can build.

the real question is...

How do we start building momentum without compromising ethics?

Here's the the thing...

We live in a hyper-fixated culture fueled by quick wins, fast cash, and quantum leaps that don’t consider our decisions’ long-term IMPACT on those around us.

This thinking breeds a self-centered business model prioritizing profit generation over client results and experience.

It’s the premise of toxic capitalism and the culture of Woke Money Mercenaries.

And can show up in hand full of ways:

  • Overpromising and selling services or products we aren’t qualified or prepared to deliver
  • Over-investing and putting ourselves in risky financial situations that compromise our sense of discernment and character
  • Taking on more than we can adequately handle and jeopardizing the health & well-being of ourselves or the container we’re meant to be leading.
  • Unconsciously perpetuating unethical and problematic practices rooted in a predatory and racist history

At the center of everything is…

Your offer and your business model.

tired of having to choose between doing good in the world, having an overflow of revenue, and maintaining your peace of mind in business?

What if there was a way for you to create an offer that allowed you to have all three while also maintaining your integrity?

That’s right. 

An approach to creating an ETHICAL offer, you can feel confident about selling AND delivering impeccable results to your clients while simultaneously ensuring you’re paying yourself an equitable wage WITHOUT burning yourself into the ground by overpromising and overdelivering.

(This is the part where we share that this is exactly what we teach and do. 😉)

We believe there are 4 core phases to equitable business and sustainable scaling

(all of which are in chronological order)


Create an ethical and sustainable offer and pricing model you can equitably scale online without burning yourself out.


Streamline and automate your client delivery, sales, and onboarding processes to increase your growth capacity.


Build a website-centered business and quality brand with assets you own that showcase your expertise in the industry.


Compound growth through the power of SEO & Email Marketing, enabling you to make sales on autopilot for years to come.

If you've landed on this page, it means your primary goal is working through:

Phase 1: Creating an Ethical & Sustainable Offer & Pricing Model

So you can equitably scale without burning yourself out.

The ABC's of Sustainable offers

Knowing your boundaries and limitations is key to creating a SAFE and ethical environment for transformation, especially if your work is in personal development.

In this season, you’ll want to understand and communicate the following fully:

  1. Who are the people you work BEST with and can most easily understand and support? Likely, these folks will be pretty similar to you as YOU are the person you’ve spent the most time studying and learning.
  2. Be clear and concise on the exact problem(s) you’re working to address, whether these or tangible or intangible concerns your client has. If you don’t know, ASK AND DO THE RESEARCH.
  3. Set realistic expectations and firm boundaries about the types of results you are promising with a clear roadmap on HOW you go about delivering those results.

Depending on your industry, this can show up as actual client deliverables such as a website, brand kit, or copy for a sales page. If you’re in an industry or selling a product predominantly built around education, information, and consultation, you’ll want to clarify what the client is actively receiving from you; below are some examples:

Educational container:

  • Live coaching calls held via zoom, 60-90 minutes at a frequency of 3 weeks of sessions and one integration week each month.
  • Lifetime access to a member’s library where they can access pre-recorded videos, audio, and PDFs to support them on their journey
  • Access to one hour of email support each week between the hours of 9 am-5 pm your local time

Service-Based Deliverables:

  • A five-color custom brand palette
  • Two finalized logo options with one favicon
  • A 20-page brand style guide that outlines how to use brand colors, fonts, styling, and more.

When you know WHAT you’re delivering, you can begin assessing HOW you’ll provide it, including details around time-frames, turnaround windows, the amount of TIME you spend on each deliverable, and more.

This becomes the foundational structure of your service or offer.

Refine, refine, refine. Mastery is not about creating millions of different offerings or services, but rather, Mastering the delivery of ONE product or service that cultivates impeccable results for your clients, which leads to a stellar client base of people who genuinely LOVE and admire your work.

The more you prioritize mastering your client delivery and creating the best client experience possible that DELIVERS the results you promise, the less you’ll need to worry about marketing or sales- Why?

Two Reasons:

  1. Clients who LOVE the support they receive and see the consistent value in work will continue to reinvest, which increases the Lifetime Value of a customer. This means you spend LESS time in the client acquisition process (aka getting new clients) and more time in the client retention process.
  2. People enjoy sharing the things they love with those they love. If you’re truly a master at what you do, you’ll build a thriving referral-based business that will flourish through word of mouth. Your clients and their results do all the selling for you while you get to focus on continuing to deliver impeccable work in the world.

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The Goal is to create a business that GIVES YOU the time freedom AND profit margins you desire that fully align with your company values.

Without the toxic and problematic systems that have been unconsciously passed down for generations.

Hi we’re Soph & Mel!  (Your Automation Advocates) 

Co-Founders of The Online business automator™ & The Sacred CEO® AgencY

As veteran business owners with a combined 15+ years of experience in the online space and a plethora of financial success scaling multi 6 figure brands online, we know a thing or two about the toxic side of entrepreneurship without systems.

We believe in taking an Intersectional Feminist approach to online business growth.

(without the virtue signaling & problematic practices. 😉)

Believe us when we say, WE GET IT.

Our companies have generated a combined $2M in revenue in the past six years – but that was NOT all profit nor the glamorous laptop lifestyle we envisioned.

Can you relate?

  • The quicker we scaled, work anywhere became WORK EVERYWHERE, and no matter where we were in the world, it felt like we were ALWAYS putting out fires.
  • Launch after Launch may have been wildly profitable, but we hardly knew a life outside social media. (The toxic trait of a personal brand is EVERYTHING in our personal lives HAS to relate to our business.)
  • Our calendars were FULL – we didn’t know what fundamental spaciousness felt like.
  • If we weren’t selling on IG & FB, we were either working with clients or planning the next launch.
  • OVERWHELM and ANXIETY were the norms; we could NOT survive without multiple cups of coffee because our nervous systems were in overdrive.

Without taking the time to properly set up the systems (and support) on the backend, this type of quantum growth only does two things:

Let’s change that, shall we?

A less "sexy" (and more nourishing)
path to scaling

Since 2020, Mel & I have made massive changes to the way we build and scale our businesses online, including:

  • Breaking up with live launch models by focusing on evergreen products and services that allow us to generate revenue year-round.
  • Divorcing Facebook & Instagram personal brand marketing and shifting to a referral-based business model rooted in value, results, and high-value relationships (Mel’s last IG post was in June 2020 @mel_judson).
  • Fully automating sales, onboarding, and client delivery processes getting hundreds of hours back every year.
  • Leveraging our websites and professional branding assets as the central hub for all transactions.
  • Honing our email marketing, list building, and SEO-marketing practices have allowed us to grow our audiences on autopilot.
  • Simplifying our business models by eliminating unnecessary processes, practices, or products, freeing up hours of our time each week to focus on what matters most to us.
  • Refining our core offerings through comprehensive analysis allows us to make data-driven decisions about pricing, scalability, and client capacity.

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