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We Simplify The Process of Growing An SEO-Based Business with complete in-house management for ALL your SEO-based needs.

We are Agency Owners, Coaches, Consultants & SaaS Business Owners With A Track Record For Results.

Our Proven "Beyond The Feed" Method For SEO Marketing

It’s no secret how great SEO can be for your online business, so let’s spill the tea on the exact process and systems we teach inside our OBA Course (linked here) and custom build for our clients in our Agency.

The MVP (Minimal Viable Product) For Automated Lead Generation

If you’re transitioning into an SEO-Based business with nothing to your name other than your social media account, the MVP approach (Minimal Viable Product) will be the most cost-effective way to start seeing an ROI (Return on Investment) from your efforts.

What's a blog and website that needs a way to capture emails and turn them into buyers?

The final piece of the MVP puzzle is a simple yet effective list-building funnel that consists of:

  • A short and sweet value-packed free PDF branded to your business
  • A 2-3 step opt-in funnel, including your opt-in page, confirm subscription page and thank you page
  • A 7-8 step automated email nurture sequence

 Want our help? We build the entire funnel FOR you, starting at $1,000 USD, and if you'd like us to do ALL the copywriting for you, including the design of your PDF, you're looking at a grand total of $2,000 USD.

As always, we include the entire template for this funnel in our OBA course, so if a custom, done-for-you approach is outside your budget, you can get ALL our templates inside the OBA course by clicking here.

Believe it or not, your blog is the most critical part of this entire strategy; it IS the strategy.

Here's what you need to get started:

  • A Blog Page on your WordPress Website that's been optimized for building your email list and providing clear and valuable information to new users
  • A Blog Post Template that you'll use to create your site's 1-2 weekly SEO Optimized blog posts.

If you still need to set up these assets, our team can custom-build the entire system, starting at $1,500 USD, including BOTH the blog main page and the single blog post template.

As a special bonus, we'll also provide your blogging outline to help you better structure your blog content for SEO ranking.

Is a custom option right for you? These templates are included in the OBA course linked here.

This is the core of your online business and the centerpiece of your SEO Marketing strategy.

If you want to keep things simple and hit the ground running, we help our clients launch a conversion-optimized single-page website in as little as one month.

The investment for the single-page website starts at $1,500 USD, with the option to add on done-for-you copywriting at $1,200 USD and a custom brand kit at $1,500 USD.

If you're looking for the complete package, you can plan on a total investment of $4,200 USD with a total turnaround time of 6-8 weeks!

If this investment is outside your budget, we provide the complete website template inside our OBA Course. Click here to learn more.

***Payment plans are available for all services***

The Complete Sales Funnel

Once your lead generation system is solved with the MVP systems we put in place, it’s time to streamline the backend of your business for seamless sales, here’s what we recommend

Now that your site generates leads on autopilot, it's time to put your best foot forward with a sales process that does all the heavy lifting for you.

We recommend our clients have the following:

  • Long form conversion-optimized sales page that's been professionally designed and mobile optimized
  • An automated sales funnel that includes an application to a sales call with an enrollment guide AND/OR a simple checkout page and thank you page
  • An automated onboarding funnel that gets your clients fully onboarding into your business without you doing anything

Our team is happy to custom build your entire sales funnel for you starting at $2,500 USD with the option to have our team write ALL YOUR COPY for an additional $1,000 USD.

This means, you can have the entire funnel setup for a grand total of $3,500 USD with a turnaround time of 4-6 weeks.

If this investment is outside your budget, we provide the complete website template inside our OBA Course. Click here to learn more.

If you have a higher ticket offer or service priced above $1,000 USD, we encourage having a fully automated webinar funnel to help streamline the information delivery process and help potential customers better understand your whole process.

Here's what we provide when we build this out for you:

  • Full strategy and outline for the automated webinar with a slide deck walk through of each step
  • Custom branded slide deck designed in Canva for your entire pitch
  • Complete webinar opt-in funnel including:
    • opt-in page
    • thank you page
    • replay page
    • Website popup
    • Website header
    • Website footer
    • Website embedded 
  • Complete automated webinar confirmation and reminder email sequence
  • Completed post-webinar follow-up 7-8 step email sales sequence

The total investment for the full build-out of all the funnel pages and backend automation is $1,500 USD when built in ScaleUp.

***Additional fees may apply if you build this funnel on alternative platforms like Kajabi.***

If you'd like us to write ALL the copy for you, including the sales page, and complete 7-8 step email sales sequence, we're happy to do so for an additional $1,500 USD.

This means we can custom build, write, and design your ENTIRE webinar for a grand total of $3,000 USD when built on our personal CRM, ScaleUp.

This can be a significant investment for some; if you'd like to get our support and have instant access to all these templates, we recommend joining our OBA course linked here.

It's time to tie all the pieces together with completing the rest of your website.

Our recommended 5-Page Custom Website includes

  • An About Page that highlights your expertise and credentials in your industry
  • Client Results & Case Studies page to showcase clients' results from working with you.
  • Favorite Tools/Affiliate Links Page for you to share all your affiliate partnerships and build passive monthly recurring revenue
  • Contact Us page with an easy way for folks to reach out to you
  • Instagram Links Page that you can customize and share on social platforms

The entire website build-out for the rest of your site starts at $3,000 USD, with the option for our team to write ALL the copy for you for an additional $1,500 USD.

This means you can have your entire website designed, developed, and written by our team, ready to launch in 8-10 weeks!

As always, we include the website template in our OBA course, so if a custom, done-for-you approach is outside your budget, you can get ALL our templates inside the OBA course by clicking here.

***Payment plans are available for all services***

Once you've set up all your essentials, it's time to explore the ongoing support you need to grow your business through Google.

Ongoing SEO Management Services Offered

Pricing for each service ranges month-to-month depending on the level of support needed. Certain services may include a one-time setup fee if assets must be created first.

Blog Production

$500-$1,500 USD Per Month

Want us to do all the heavy lifting for you? Our team will do all the keyword research and competitive analysis to outline the next three months’ worth of blogs for you to start ranking on Google.

Choose between 1-3 blogs per week, and our team will write, edit, and publish all the blogs for you.

***Minimum 3-month commitment to start.***

Pinterest Management

$400-$800 USD Per Month

Our team will set up and optimize your business Pinterest account, including research of keywords and strategy development to create ongoing pins for all your blogs to boost traffic to your site and speed up the ranking process.

***Minimum 3-month commitment to start.***

Podcast Management

$97 USD Per Episode

We offer in-house management for your podcast, which includes episode editing, publishing, and micro redistribution via email & simple blog posts to maximize your Podcast Reach.

Rates are based on episodes 60 minutes or less in length. Additional fees may apply for longer episodes.

Meet The OBA Co-Founders

Organic Social Media Experts Turned SEO-Based Business Experts & Agency Owners.

We’re Mel & Soph! We met in 2018, co-coaching inside one of the leading Online Marketing programs for coaches supporting hundreds of online business owners to scale online through Instagram and Facebook Marketing. We officially launched our partnership in 2019.

Since then, we’ve consistently revised our approach to online business and marketing, emphasizing sustainability through Websites & funnels, Email Marketing, and SEO, allowing us to successfully sustain and even grow our own businesses WITHOUT using social media.

We’re proud to share that we haven’t done a public social media launch since 2020 and continue to generate free traffic through the proven systems we continue to refine both in our course and in our agency.

More About Mel Judson


Developed Branding, Content & Marketing Strategies for the largest Media Companies in Hollywood, developing global audiences of over 50 million.


Working in the digital media & marketing space since 2011 and launched multi-6 figure Boutique Creative Agency in 2018.


Creates strategic brands for industry-leading coaches, copywriters, fitness & wellness experts and influencers.


Studied with the world’s foremost design experts and produced Award-Winning Designs at one of the Top 10 Design schools globally.

Mel's Brand & Web Design Portfolio Examples

More About Sophie Kessner


Training in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work With Trudi Lebron since 2021 & am receiving my certification as an Equity Centered Coaching® Leader.


Active in the online Industry since 2015 & involved in personal development since 2009.


Dedicated 3+ years to studying Somatic Experiencing® & over 500 hours of online & in-person training since 2020


Specializing in maximizing on-page SEO for health & wellness experts to automate lead generation

Soph's SEO Client Results

498% Increase in Monthly Podcast Listeners over 9 Months

In on 1 Year we Grew YouTube Subscribers by 265%, & Increased Channel Views by 126%

ORGANIC Traffic from Google increased by 349% in 2 years

1,000% Increase In Workshop Conversions & 457% Increase in Client Spending

Grew a brand new Pinterest account from 0 to 7.48k Monthly engagement in 3 Months

400% Increase in 1-1 Client Enrollment over 18 Months

Social Proof Matters - Here's What Clients Have To Say


Kri was able to 4x her income to hit $30k high months, hire a team to support her and launch her signature group program to amplify her impact.


Maz brought in about $5k of revenue in her first month which just blew her away and has allowed her to serve more clients with more energy and enthusiasm


Liz launched building her blog and email list right away and she has since been able to successfully launch and sell a digital product relying mainly on email list marketing.

SILVER JEWELER ALLISON INCREASED HER INCOME BY 486% and 5x'd her website sales conversion rate.

She also optimized her website to drive email list signups and decrease abandoned cart rate and became more clear and confident in her messaging and used this clarity to generate two kickass and high-converting email marketing campaigns

Engagement Ring Jeweler Will hired a team & increased sales 450% to make in a month what he used to make in a year.

He hired a team of employees and gained confidence as a CEO in the business with systems in place to track time, employee resources time, finances, leads and measure the results of marketing.

Christine's traffic has never been higher, she has people calling her offices every single day from all over the country to sign up to work with her.

“This website has allowed us to feel even more proud of the work we do in that it really represents the quality of services, support, and love that we want to offer people.”

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Real People, Real Results, in Real Time.

Megan transitioned her agency into a mentorship program, developed all the systems to grow and scale the business, signed her first client paid in full for her program, created so much more time and space in the business, and grew her community by 30+ requests a day consistently.

Sam 5xed her income in January alone. Sam was able to get on over 15 podcast interviews, grow her group exponentially, and deepen into better self care routines to take care of her own mental and emotional health along the way.

Jaya joined us needing the support + the structure that allowed her to see what was possible inside a group container to move out of the 1:1 space and step into creating + filling her own scalable group program in a way that felt FLUID in her marketing.

Ann was able to quit her job, had a $10k launch with her first online group program EVER, learned how to write amazing sales copy + content, created an epic sales process, and so much more!

Amanda went from taking on random 1:1 clients with no program or process and resisting systems and strategies to trusting her value + offers making multi 6 figures, feeling confident in building out her entire mentorship business and filled her program within 2-3 weeks.

Agnes was able to crush 6 figures AND has created more balance in life. She can go on vacation & relax WITHOUT stressing about the business. She was able to create even better results for her clients,  recorded over 17 live interviews & testimonials, built better systems for pre-qualification, and So Much More.

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