Automate Your Online Business NOW

It's time to Breakup with the launch model (for good)

A No B.S. Tech Led Course To Go From burnt out and overwhelmed to sustainably scaling an evergreen business on autopilot 

Attention Coaches, Service Providers, and Solopreneurs:

If you haven’t automated at least 50% of your business by your 3rd year...

…you’re destined to a life stuck on
The Entrepreneurial Hamster Wheel.

Easily Automate Your Business & get back your time so you can scale Your Impact without the burnout

(Don't worry, we'll teach you how to leverage robots and systems to make your backend business a breeze)

Let me paint a picture for you:

It’s 9 AM Monday morning...

After sipping your freshly made $11 Quad oat milk lavender latte and taking your morning scroll through the ‘gram, you’re ready to slay all things Biznaasss. 

This is what you’ve been journaling about, this is what you’ve been dreaming about: THIS IS YOUR YEAR.

Walking over to your computer, you’re playing out how the day will go in your mind. 

All the projects you’re about to knock out, all the money you’re about to make, all the LIVES you’re gonna change—OOOF the goosebumps.

That is, until you actually open your computer… 

…the second that screen lights up and you see all of those tabs, overwhelm completely take over.

Just like that, those goosebumps of excitement turn into anxiety ridden heart palpitations:

Bad idea #1

You open your email

Greeted with 27 unread messages and slack notifications, you feel your entire chest contract and eyes widen as you stare into the abyss that is your inbox—paralyzed.  

Your breathing gets more shallow. Your stomach knots. That feeling of being so far behind and like everything is on fire starts to build.

It was just a moment ago you thought it was all under control but now that you see so many new inquiries to work with you, team members begging for your help, and clients that need attention, you’re not so sure anything has ever been under control…  

You’re stuck and you know it. There’s too much going on here and just staring at the screen will only slow down your momentum.

Instead of sitting in this overwhelm, you know there’s a better way to go about this.  *closes out of gmail*

Deep breaths, we’re switching gears—let’s check the calendar instead!”

Doing something different is better than doing nothing at all, right?

Bad idea #2

You open up your calendar

It’s JAM PACKED with team meetings, sales calls, and client sessions. Great, another day living my whole life on Zoom.

This is the part where that tightness in your chest stops because your heart has officially dropped into your stomach.

Now you’re physically ACHING and it’s safe to say it’s not the coffee. (Although let’s be real, that coffee definitely isn’t helping. It’s only adding to your anxiety making this so much worse in your head.)

Listen, we get it. Even though you completely love and adore your work, this part can get exhausting. You want to help, really, you do.

But truth be told, these calls eat up your whole day.

You’re trying to push the business forward and while it’s important to make sure the team is in check and clients are happy, you’re standing still.

Right on cue, one of those stupid “motivational quotes” from Instagram pops into your head:

“Remember, you asked for growth. Don’t be surprised when life challenges the fuck out of you.”

Perfect. Not only are you battling both stress and shame from feeling behind on everything, here’s a little guilt for not being in a constant state of girlboss-level composure about it.

The only thing keeping pace with the pressure to grow is the threat of failure—and even though you’re so overloaded you LITERALLY can’t right now…

…you’re trying to figure out a way to get it all done, listening to a constant loop of anxiety-induced self-talk resounding in your head.

Bad idea #3 (you can't help it)

You start to panic. Fan.tastic.

The list goes on for miles and it only seems to get longer no matter how many tasks you cross off, (okay seriously, who invented lists anyways?!)

It feels like someone always needs something. There’s always another fire to put out. And though your IG may be looking tre chic, you can’t help but feel like you’re living in total chaos behind your feed.

Your palms are all clammy. Your breath shortens. You haven’t moved an inch but your mind is racing.

It feels like your whole body is getting pulled to the ground and the only way to stop this TERRIBLE sensation from getting any worse is to hide under the covers and scroll the day away.

But you can’t do that.

Because the reality is, this isn’t the first time this has happened.

It's been this way since you first started & it hasn't slowed down since.

See at first, you were eager, elated, and energized to build your own business: it was supposed to bring you freedom and fulfillment. Sure, maybe it did at first. You were in your POWER. You jumped into the deep end ready to take on the world and push your vision forward with force. And even though it was messy in the beginning, it was still working for you which was enough to keep going.

But after running in the same hamster wheel year after year...

You're not who you used to be.
(and not in a good way.)

You’re anxious. You’re jaded. And you can’t seem to shake the constant feeling of overwhelm.

You may be successful as a business owner from the outside looking in, but on the inside, you’re about ONE launch away from complete burnout.

BUT WHY? What’s different? What actually happened?

Everything in your life revolves around your business.

Even worse, everything in your business revolves around you.

And we mean EVERYTHING:

The marketing revolves around you.

The sales stop without your input.

The whole client experience BREAKS when you’re not in the equation.

It’s gotten to a point where you don’t know who you are anymore WITHOUT the business. 

And the worst part is you’re so in the middle of everything, there’s no room to think about the creative or visionary work. 

Since the business runs manually with your hands and eyes NEEDING to be on everything, you’ve lost your way—you’ve lost the REAL reason for starting all of this in the first place. 

Listen, we know you. 

We work exclusively with people in your position because we’ve been you. 

You’re ambitious. You’re driven. And you WANT to grow a business that doesn’t require you to give your life to it, but again, you can’t.

Not because it isn’t possible, because you’ve tried it before and it was a horror show.

But the issue wasn’t your vision,
it was your boundaries.

Because you were still so deeply involved with every aspect of the business, as you were growing, it became a lot. Like A LLLLLLOOTTTT.

Getting the clients in the door and collecting money was the easy part. Hell, it was fun seeing how capable you were of generating money. 

You made a compelling offer, people loved it, and now they’re willing to pay you the big buxxxx to work your magic for them. That’s an accomplishment in it’s own right. 

But then you actually had to deliver on the work… 

…and that’s when the anxiety, overwhelm, and inefficiencies started.

Because you already put more on your plate with new clients, who has time to fix those gaps?


You loved your business. You still do. So you compromised:

You scaled back enough to make a recovery and recoup some time.

At that point, you’re stuck with an ultimatum no entrepreneur wants to face: keep pushing forward and let the business suck the life out of you, or call it quits and scale back.  

But now we’re here. To this day, you still love what you do, but the nitty gritty of the business has caught up with you. You’re starting to see signs of burnout showing up again. 

And if it keeps going this way, “meaningful impact” will be yet another fancy phrase you claim to be a company value when in reality, it’s always just out of reach for you.

So again I ask: Why? Why is this all happening?

Well, here it is. Here’s the reason why you’re stuck.

Are you ready for the ugly truth?

This all stems from you not having systems and automations in place.

The coaching industry right now, especially when geared towards women, lean on this idea that absolutely everything can be fixed with the shift of your mindset. 

And yes, there are many things that require you to fix your mindset before you can grow. (work on yourself—we love a woman who prioritizes her inner work)

But as far as issues with actually growing your business? No amount of money mindset shifting or chakra alignment can fix what’s in front of you.


And unfortunately...

You can’t just manifest your way into an organized business

At the end of the day, this all stems from the coaching industry telling you to start messy. 

You’ve been fed this idea that starting a business is easy, and there’s truth to that—it’s WAYYYYY easier to start a business now than it was 20 years ago. 

But whether it’s coaches not focusing on what happens after the business is started, or us just not questioning what comes next, there’s always a gap here that stops so many entrepreneurs from actually achieving their goals.


It’s because you’re staying messy that you’re staying stuck.

There’s only so much time before the half baked systems you created on the fly FOR YOURSELF can’t handle the volume A BUSINESS should be able to. So if you really want to grow, you can’t do that with a process that only works with your input—that’s just not efficient.

See, over time you’ve turned into the bottleneck because you actually BECAME the business. 

But is it really a business
if it can’t operate without you?

Here's some interesting stats to prove our point
(incase you haven't picked up on it already)

Want to know why so many entrepreneurs burn out?

They’re spread too thin for too long

There’s no other option than to implode and burn the business to the ground.

Maybe you’ve even gotten to the point where you’re turning down hundreds of thousands of dollars in client work because you literally don’t have the capacity to take on more work without mentally killing yourself. 

Curious why inefficiencies are killing 20 to 30% of business revenue? Doing all the work MANUALLY takes time and makes it easy for mistakes to happen.  

Are you AT ALL questioning why 82% of businesses that fail say it was because of cash flow problems? It’s LITERALLY because these people didn’t have the right systems and automations to support them or they didn’t have them to begin with…

And The problem with growing so fast and not having the right systems or support in place?

Now you’re spread too thin.

So things end up falling through the cracks easier. 

The quality of work goes down.

The quality of client results and client experience goes down. 

Then your reputation ends up taking a hit and that perpetuates this cycle of the entire business preparing for implosion.

Not only is the work no longer quality, it’s not even enjoyable anymore.

The clients are no longer happy, they’re frustrated, you’re frustrated, everything is just a shit show and you wonder why you entered into this line of work in the first place. 

We know this because not only have we done this for our own businesses, we’ve lived it in other businesses—as both consultants AND employees.

Hi we’re Soph & Mel!

Co-Founders of The Online business automator & The Sacred CEO™ Agency

And as multi 6 figure business owners ourselves, we know a thing or two about the dark side of entrepreneurship without systems.

About Mel

This isn’t my first burnout rodeo. After a 10 year career in digital entertainment as the creative director for award-winning media companies working 80 hour weeks developing content for global audiences of over 50 million, I left the corporate world and founded a boutique creative agency empowering high-achieving women to build powerful online businesses through branding & web design.

In less than a year, I built my business to a half a million dollar run rate and in 2018 expanded into mentoring other entrepreneurs on how to achieve the same success. 

The agency marketing strategy was based on my personal brand on social media where I traveled the world and promoted entrepreneurship as the golden ticket to achieving the dream lifestyle. At times it was exhilarating and everything I had hoped it would be, but it was also stressful and exhausting.

Three years into my “success,” I started to suffer the consequences of running a business that depended upon constant posting on social media. The agency constantly had dozens of potential clients banging down the door to work with me, but there was definitely not enough of “me” to go around.

After many months of feeling so fatigued I could barely get out of bed, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. With doctors urging me to remove stress from my life to focus on healing, I knew that I had to take a big step back from the constant hustle that had helped land me here in the first place.

I worried that stepping away from social media would cause business to tank. But instead, it thrived. I continued getting inquiries even as I wasn’t taking on new clients. This, I realized, was due to the systems for evergreen and content marketing I had put in place.

Working only a few hours a week while I healed, I implemented systems and automations into my business, hired a team and methodically took myself out of the equation.

Now that my chronic illness AND my business are under control, I am back to traveling again and sustainability is my mantra in everything that I do and it is my mission to share the power of business automations with you so that you can finally experience *true* business freedom.

About Soph

Not only have I been in the personal development world for almost 15 years, I’ve also been in the entrepreneurial online space for the better part of 6 years.

Over those 6 years I’ve played a key role as both a coach, operations manager, client manager, sales person, mentor and more for four different multi seven figure coaching companies in the industry including brands like BossBabe, Online Coach Accelerator, Libby Crow’s Business Accelerator, and Simon Lovell’s Fitpreneurs.

I’ve seen firsthand the backlash that can come from scaling a company too fast without the proper systems and structure to support you.

From growing a business from early 6 figures to a 7 figure run rate in less than 8 months, to blowing up a company past 7 figures and trying to scale, to launching new products and complicating scaling with bad management and everything in between.

But as any talented coach and personal development junkie would do, I “mindset-ed” my way through all of it. Made it happen. Willed my way through and alongside supporting all of these different brands, scaled my own 2 companies to multi 6 figures until I too succumbed to the doom that is burnout, pregnancy and postpartum depression.

When I found out I was going to be responsible for raising a little human 24/7, I KNEW things had to change and officially broke up with launches, lifestyle marketing and relying on selling through organic social media marketing.

We buckled down, automating EVERYTHING in our businesses and streamlining every system we could get our hands on because we had no other choice.

We could NOT go about business as usual.

That’s when Online Business Automator (OBA) was born.

“I Was Able To 4x My Revenue In 12 Months And Get Back My Freedom To Spend Time With My Family”​​

Natashia is an incredible spiritual mentor and channel PLUS an amazing mom of 4 who went from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by her business to finding a model that worked FOR HER.

She was not only able to 4x her revenue but also buy her dream home, pay off all her debt and have the TIME back to spend doing what she loves with her family,

“I had some of my highest revenue months ever & my average monthly income has DOUBLED!”

Meet Christine, who was able to massively shift her self worth AND implement the right strategies so she could hire team, hit her highest revenue months, launched her first group mentorship program and has doubled her income with more leads and clients than she’s ever had before and SO much more.

Maz Scaled Her Company To Over $100k In 12 Months​​

Maz not only created over $100k in her copywriting business, but was able to book herself out, go nomadic and have a system in place for how she wanted to continue to scale as she transitioned out of her FT job and journeyed into the nomad world.
She created her 1:1 offer, sold our her group program, created her free offer + built out the entire structure to scale.

“I show up in my truth, clarity, + potency. I have all the implements within my copy that encourage people to invest with me. Make the financial commitment, you will not regret it.” 

“From working with Soph, I Created TRIPLE the income than I ever did before working with her!”

Meet Nadine, a social media manager who created her first group mentorship program from scratch and filled up all 10 spots a month before her program start date all through organic social media marketing.
Nadine had invested in tons of courses + mentors before but didn’t see real sustainable results until joining our program where she TRIPLED her income.

“I built my business from literally scratch, Aligned myself with what actually felt more in alignment”

Elisa is past grad client turned soul sista who started her business in April 2018.

She Transitioned from grieving coach and stepped fully into her most aligned business teaching mindset and manifestation.

She’s since launched and SOLD OUT her group program, worked with tons of 1:1 clients, and had her highest revenue months to date.

It dawned on us that entrepreneurs are doing WAYYYYYYY too much and because this self perpetuating “hustle” narrative has shamed us into working harder, we really forget about working smarter

See, running a business isn’t about effort, it’s about efficiency. 

Creating the best product or service with the least amount of effort resulting in the most value—you simply can’t do that manually, there aren’t enough hours in the day. 

How you get there is through systems that streamline processes. After streamlining a process manually, you automate it.

When it’s all said and done and you have your processes and systems automated, that’s it. You don’t have to spend all that time doing the process over and over AND OVER again.

When we saw what was possible for us, It felt like a new fire was lit under us. And what’s crazy is it only took an automation here and there to start seeing the value in these processes that would end up dramatically changing the relationship with our businesses. 

That’s what I want for you: to enjoy a healthy connection with this beautiful creation of yours. 

Because when you actually fix that relationship, you can still have a company built around you that creates the brand and the culture while the systems and automations put in place will help push that company forward—meaning it’s capable of living beyond just you as the owner.

Meet Lorisa, a past grad client who crushed her first $35k month, quit her full time nursing job and was able to go full time in her online business from the support working with Soph.

Meet Ali, an FEE grad & full time mom who was able to take the strategy taught by building a more systematized business that was so much more streamlined for growing with ease.

Christine’s traffic has never been higher, she has people calling her offices every single day from all over the country to sign up to work with her team of coaches and join her certification program.

“This website has allowed us to feel even more proud of the work we do in that it really represents the quality of services, support, and love that we want to offer people.”

Kristi’s business has grown exponentially since launching her new site now that she has an efficient process for attracting new leads & bringing in new clients.

“I feel so good about having a website and brand that is authentic to me, true to who I am and true to the mission that I have in the world. I have a website that I can be proud and confident of sending my clients and prospects to.”

Marion earned $5k in her first month after launching her new brand & website. “My new website has brought me so much confidence, I’m SO excited to share it with people and they love it.”

Liz’s website received 11,000 views and 100 new email subscribers just 3 weeks after launching her new brand and website. “People with chronic fatigue syndrome has told me that my blog gives them hope and this wouldn’t be possible without the magic that is Mel.”

SILVER JEWELER ALLISON INCREASED HER INCOME BY 486% and 5x’d her website sales conversion rate.

She also optimized her website to drive email list signups and decrease abandoned cart rate and became more clear and confident in her messaging and used this clarity to generate two kickass and high-converting email marketing campaigns

Engagement Ring Jeweler Will hired a team & increased sales 450% to make in a month what he used to make in a year.

He hired a team of employees and gained confidence as a CEO in the business with systems in place to track time, employee resources time, finances, leads and measure the results of marketing.

Perhaps now you're asking yourself...

What kind of results can I actually get with OBA?

Online Business Automator is prreeeeeettty straightforward when it comes to what it offers. The whole program is designed to make… yup, you guessed it, sustainable automated processes that make your business run more efficiently without draining YOUR energy.  

But here’s the thing, it’s sooooo much juicier than that. 

Inside you’ll learn:


How to create a clear financial plan and roadmap for the business enabling you to finally make data-driven decisions towards growth that fits the lifestyle you want.


To develop a “Brand Omnipresence” that goes beyond social media and leverages Serach Engine Optimization (SEO) on websites and sales pages—creating some space between you and the constant need to post content.


The importance behind building opt-in sequences and assets that can bring your social media audiences over to an email list where you have the power to inform, empower, and nurture potential buyers whenever you want. (Yup, no more praying to the IG algorithm that people will see your stuff!)


How to implement automated sales systems, client onboarding systems, AND client delivery systems that not only save time, but preserve the quality of work that only needs to be perfect once.


The true power that comes from building a simple evergreen marketing system that’s repeatable so you can focus on long term growth and break up with your toxic ex, “Chaos.”

You'll also receive everything you need to finally create amazing Sales Pages and the Websites you've been dreaming of.

Your Virtual Home

There needs to be a centralized location where people can find you that isn’t your social media because well… You don’t actually own your social media. 

You can’t control how many people see your content, you have to keep censorship in mind when talking about touchy subjects, and most importantly, every piece of content you post has a 24 hour expiration date. 

Which means if you’re solely reliant on social media for marketing and sales, you don’t determine how much money you make, Instagram does, (and trust me, they DO NOT have a benefits plan in place for you. No vision, no dental, nothing.)

But that doesn’t mean ditch social media—it just means you shouldn’t put all your eggs in the social media basket.

It really comes down to strategically positioning yourself on the internet with assets that do the work for you.

And that’s EXACTLY what we’ll be doing when you join The Online Business Automator

Click below to join OBA and finally give yourself the business you know you deserve.

Best Deal

$ 2997 One Time Payment
  • Instant Access to all the OBA Benefits:
  • Instant, Lifetime Access to the entire OBA course and community
  • Monthly Q+A calls with Mel & Soph where you can get all your questions answered.
  • Complimentary 3 month free all access pass to our personal CRM
  • 50+ pages of website, sales page and funnel templates
  • 6 Brand Kits complete with bespoke logos, color palettes & typography
  • A fully automated checkout onboarding sequence
  • Complete Financial Business Breakdown template
  • Templates for an email opt-in page, thank you page, upsell page, conversion driven freebie
  • Email nurture sequence templates and guides
  • Plus your Pay in Full Bonus
  • 1 year all access pass to our personal CRM (Valued at $2400)

Most Flexible

Payment Plan As low as $397 per month
  • Instant Access to all the OBA Benefits:
  • Instant, Lifetime Access to the entire OBA course and community
  • Monthly Q+A calls with Mel & Soph where you can get all your questions answered.
  • Complimentary 3 month free all access pass to our personal CRM
  • 50+ pages of website, sales page and funnel templates
  • 6 Brand Kits complete with bespoke logos, color palettes & typography
  • A fully automated checkout onboarding sequence
  • Complete Financial Business Breakdown template
  • Templates for an email opt-in page, thank you page, upsell page, conversion driven freebie
  • Email nurture sequence templates and guides

"Soph is truly a master at what she does... I launched + sold out my first group program, built my 1:1 offer + integrated all the systems"

Lauren transitioned out of being a full time 6 figure blogger + successfully built + launched her coaching business from scratch, signed her first 2 client within 90 days + has since scaled her coaching business to 6 figures

Amanda went from taking on random 1:1 clients with no program or process resisting systems and strategies to trusting her value + offers making multi 6 figures, feeling confident in stepping in building out her entire mentorship business and filled her program within 2-3 weeks of talking about it.

Jaya joined us needing the support + the structure that allowed her to see what was possible inside a group container to move out of the 1:1 space and step into creating + filling her own scalable group program in a way that felt FLUID in her marketing.

Hear Kim's story about coaching with Soph and how she broke through massive triggers and up leveled amongst all the discomfort to really create the life + biz she was always capable of <3

Tiphaine joined GGM when she was struggling getting her biz off the ground. She didn't have any plan or model to follow even after a year of being in biz. After working together, she had a clear roadmap, step by step plan, booking her first sales calls, and really taking her biz off the ground.

Megan transitioned her agency into a mentorship program, Develop all the systems to grow and scale the business, Signed her first client paid in full for her program, created so much more time and space in the business,Grew her community by 30+ requests a day consistently

Sam 5xed her income in January alone. Sam was able to get on over 15 podcast interviews, grow her group exponentially, and deepen into better self care routines to take care of her own mental and emotional health along the way.

So you can already imagine that time is one of the investments you’ll need to make when joining OBA.

This clearly doesn’t work if you don’t put in the time to actually build the systems.

Duh. That one was a no-brainer.

In the interest of keeping your brain intact, (because again, we know how stretched thin you are as an entrepreneur in your current season) we have decided to also make the monetary investment a no-brainer at $2997. 

Now, if you see how powerful this program is right off the bat, you know that $2997 is well… it’s pennies compared to the value these implemented systems and automations will bring you. 

We’re gonna do some math real quick: 

Let’s say you make $100,000 a year from your business as it stands, great. 

The issue with that is you’re completely burnt out, it’s affecting your quality of work, and if it keeps going this way, you may not be making $100,000 next year.

Now let’s just say you take the time to join SBA, learn about the processes, implement the processes, and the next year you’re still making $100,000. That doesn’t seem like it pays off, right? Right? (Please say wrong. Just say wrong. Play along, we’re going somewhere with this.) 


See, implementing the systems will inevitably create more time for you as the owner of the business to focus on the vision—to focus on growth. Once everything is in place, next year you may very well be able to DOUBLE your income and STILL not have as much work on your plate.

Wouldn’t that be worth it? 

$2997 and a few months of work for MORE money, MORE freedom, MORE impact? 

Just to play a little devil’s advocate, let’s forget the money and impact for just a second: would just your sanity be worth it if it meant you got to still hit your 6-figure run rate and had more space for yourself?

It was for us. And we can confidently say it will be for you after joining The Online Business Automator and start making the shifts necessary to keep your sanity.

But we get it

That may not be enough for everyone
to get on board

Some of us really need to know what’s on the inside and where the value directly comes from. And if that’s the case, here’s a breakdown of what you’ll get inside the OBA program:

Monthly Q&A Calls

Valued at $3500

6 Brand Kits

Valued at $3000

Customizable Website Template

Valued at $1200

Checkout Onboarding Sequence

Valued at $2000

Sales Page Template

Valued at $1200

Financial Business Breakdown Template

Valued at $3000

CRM All Access Pass

Valued at $600

Email Marketing Sequence Templates

Valued at $4000

Evergreen Marketing System

Valued at $5000

Lifetime access to the community and course content

Valued: Priceless.🤌🏼

See? We could easily charge upwards of $10,000 which would be great for lining our pockets but again, much like yourself, we're not just in it for the money.

We want the impact. We want the fulfillment.

And we want you to come to us 12 months from now with a highly efficient, highly automated business just gushing over how awesome your relationship with it is.  

How everything that’s working in the background when you’re not, actually brings MORE value to your offers, not less

How your life has turned from a chaotic, neurotic, anxiety-riddled existence into a peaceful, empowering, and nourishing experience. 

You can get EXCITED about growing and expanding the company vision you have knowing it won’t eat up your time. 

In fact, you’ll have so much for support, it’ll feel almost too easy to grow. Like you were always supposed to do this. 

That’s what’s possible. 

That’s what’s available for you. 

That’s what is meant for you.

All you have to do is take the first step

Luckily for you, that first step is a straightforward one: click the button below and take the leap into The Online Business Automator.

Best Deal

$ 2997 One Time Payment
  • Instant Access to all the OBA Benefits:
  • Instant, Lifetime Access to the entire OBA course and community
  • Monthly Q+A calls with Mel & Soph where you can get all your questions answered.
  • Complimentary 3 month free all access pass to our personal CRM
  • 50+ pages of website, sales page and funnel templates
  • 6 Brand Kits complete with bespoke logos, color palettes & typography
  • A fully automated checkout onboarding sequence
  • Complete Financial Business Breakdown template
  • Templates for an email opt-in page, thank you page, upsell page, conversion driven freebie
  • Email nurture sequence templates and guides
  • Plus your Pay in Full Bonus
  • 1 year all access pass to our personal CRM (Valued at $2400)

Most Flexible

Payment Plan As low as $397 per month
  • Instant Access to all the OBA Benefits:
  • Instant, Lifetime Access to the entire OBA course and community
  • Monthly Q+A calls with Mel & Soph where you can get all your questions answered.
  • Complimentary 3 month free all access pass to our personal CRM
  • 50+ pages of website, sales page and funnel templates
  • 6 Brand Kits complete with bespoke logos, color palettes & typography
  • A fully automated checkout onboarding sequence
  • Complete Financial Business Breakdown template
  • Templates for an email opt-in page, thank you page, upsell page, conversion driven freebie
  • Email nurture sequence templates and guides

And remember

It’s not a money mindset problem.

There’s nothing about YOU that needs shifting in order to make this work. It’s about relinquishing responsibility for tasks and letting the systems and automations do what they were literally designed for. 

Soph + Mel

Frequently Asked Questions

You needed this last week. You needed it months ago. Hell, you needed this when you first started! OF COURSE you need this right now.  

Most people think the solution to their business struggles can be solved by more sales, more team members, or hiring a new coach. 

There’s some truth to that, but here’s the catch 22: without proper systems and automations in place, all of those solutions will just put MORE work on your plate and create MORE stress to deal with.

Think of it this way…

If you’re already stretched thin fulfilling obligations to your current clients, how do you expect to serve more of them?

If you can’t easily pass down your process to someone on your team without micromanaging them, how can you hire more team members?

Adding “more” into the mix without the right tools only brings more CHAOS into your already hectic life.

Here’s the test I run my clients through to see if they truly need this right now:

Look at how you’re spending your day. 

    • Are you spending time on the strategic vision—or managing the team?
  • Are you planning out your 2023 growth plan…OR are you tied up with sales calls? 
  • Are you investing time building strategic partnerships, or are you spending time on fulfillment?

How you spend your time in the business determines how you see yourself. How you value yourself. 

And you, my friend, have worked too hard and are far too valuable as a visionary/creator to just be the manager.

If you want to sit down and binge the coursework in SBA like a Netflix show, you can burn through all the content in about a week. But realistically, you should tackle one module a week and give yourself time to properly digest and apply the info. 

When it comes to the implementation part, that could take anywhere from 3 to 6 months depending on how quickly you can do it.

Now, if you think that’s long, think about how much time you’re already spending in keeping things afloat. 

How much longer can you sit in the dysfunction and run your business on manual?

More importantly, is 6 months of your time worth the exponential growth you’ll get? Is it worth the freedom later on that’ll allow you to further your vision for the world?

How would it feel next time you wanted to go on vacation or onboard more clients knowing that you can trust your systems and your team? 

Look, I get it. Building systems isn’t sexy, but they’re necessary.

They’re what gives you the confidence to step away from your business and only focus on parts that you love without fear of it all crumbling

Here’s the thing: you’re already working your ass off on your business. Right now, it’s a hamster wheel with no end in sight. With SBA, you’ll spend a few months building out systems that create a lifetime of predictability, calm, and ease. Three traits all business owners need to operate at their best.

Absolutely not. The truth is, the personal touch isn’t lost when these parts of the business are automated—like anything else, it happens when you get lazy or aren’t clear on the clients you’re serving. 

If you’ve ever been on the wrong side of an automated email or text, you know how icky it feels. It’s like the person doesn’t care for your experience and didn’t put in the effort. 

The businesses we work with are clear on their ideal client—they already know what to say to build connection and trust with them. 

Our clients take the time to truly personalize each and every message, page, post and touchpoint unique to their brand values and voice (we cover this in the course) so even the most advanced automations feel like a secret love note written specifically for the person receiving it.

And because of this, they all use automation with zero complaints from their clientele. Why? The way they fill out the templated emails resonates with their end user. 

It doesn’t matter if that email or text was written 3 months ago, it’ll feel like your audience is reading a new message personally written for them; and we’ll show you just how to have that same personal touch.

Not at all. We’ve simplified everything into super easy plug-and-play templates, eliminating as much of the tech headache as possible! 

As part of our client onboarding process, you’ll have a complimentary 60 minute zoom call with our tech and onboarding team who’ll lead you through the setup process, helping you put all the pieces you need in place to hit the ground running as fast as possible with as little friction as possible.

(Plus, if you get stuck, we’ll be there to support you in solving those problems with our monthly Q&As.)

Frankly, most of our clients aren’t terribly tech savvy and they seem to get it done with ease. If any of them struggle, the best one ones aren’t afraid to reach out for advice. Those that STILL struggle aren’t willing to learn and probably shouldn’t have invested in the first place.

But, if you’re really tech adverse and don’t want to devote the time, you can invite your team members on the call so they can learn too. We believe that team work makes the dream work and encourage multiple people in your business to understand how to do this.

Well, you certainly don’t need a team. Many of our clients start out as solopreneurs. That said, since one of the main goals of SBA is to help you create systems so you can build and scale your business, eventually, that’ll mean bringing on people to support you in that vision.

In the meantime, we have the option for you to add on VA packages for support with our in-house tech trained CRM specialist VA’s who can do it all for you, so you never have to touch a thing.

Say goodbye to tech headaches, hiring catastrophes, and training nightmares. It’s like you’re hand delivered by an already trained expert who can do exactly what you need better than you in half the time. 

YUP. it’s that good.

I know, it’s magic – well more truthfully, we’ve literally just thought of everything that could possibly prevent you from having all of the success in the world and have done everything humanly (and robotically) possible to solve every problem along the way.

Now, what was that excuse again?

Well, as entrepreneurs, we’re either paying with our time OR our money. Obviously more money invested upfront will result in quicker turnaround but doing it yourself is considerably more cost effective if you have the means to do so. 

If you feel like you’re in the eye of the storm right now, the question to ask yourself isn’t, “how do I make this work?” It’s, “how much longer can I go on like this?”

At some point you will burn out trying to do it all yourself.

And I’m the first one to preach that everyone needs a break but if you’re the focal point of your business, do you feel like you can afford to take one?

Truth be told, this is NOT about having the time, it’s about MAKING IT.

Lack of time is a problem. And unless you solve it, it’s only get to get worse. This is exactly why you need to take the time to build this all—and as soon as possible.

If not now, when? Will you be less busy next month? In three months? A year? No. Either your business is going to be in the same place and you’ll be just as busy…

or you’ll have taken on more tasks, more work, and more stress. You know what you won’t have more of? Time.

Time isn’t a renewable resource, but it CAN be a leverageable one. If you invest now and build systems, you actually will have more time in the future to scale the business the way you truly want without compromising your health or well being.

Building the right systems that allows your business to operate day-to-day without you being hands on will solve that for you.

However, if you truly don’t have the time here’s two options that I suggest:

1.Have your VA do it OR hire ours. It’s always a great idea to have team members going through this program together. They can see issues differently, come up with fresh solutions, and can better take tasks off your plate when they’re involved early on.

  1. Hire our agency. We have an additional service where we’ll build out everything and you don’t have to lift a finger. If that’s something that interests you then you can book a call with our team after you sign up to talk about it. That service only cost $24k and the investment in this program will be used as a down payment for that.

Running a business isn’t easy. At first it’s all about getting sales and creating an audience, but once you have that well handled, how do you go from working in your business to working on it?

That all comes from building systems.

It all depends on what you’re looking for. If you want hands-on support, you can upgrade and get extra consultation calls to help you adjust through the process.

If you’re fine with what’s already offered in the program, you can look to the community you’ll be in with the other business owners in our private Facebook group and monthly Q&A calls. 

Our monthly Q&A calls give you the opportunity to get all of your questions answered. You’ll also be able to post questions in our members-only Facebook group and receive guidance and insight there from our team members or your peers.

At any point if you have questions or want a second pair of eyes on something please don’t hesitate to reach out.

We’re here to support you through any part of this journey.

Yes we do. After you’ve joined the program and gone through a few of the modules, you can reach out to us at: SUPPORT@SACREDCEO.COM and one-off consultation calls are usually $1500, but if one call isn’t enough, we can talk about creating a bespoke package. 

Making sure all your questions are answered and you feel 100% comfortable is our #1 priority so if you can’t wait for the Q&A calls, you’ll have access to our private Facebook group where you can ask questions.

We also recognize that sometimes things break in between calls or you have something uber specific to your business that comes up, you’re more than welcome to purchase extra calls and consultations as needed.

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Chloe went from her full Time job to becoming a full time entrepreneur and filling up her acupuncture/coaching roster by creating the systems to streamline her business and market online in a way that feels so good to her. 

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Meet Kri, an epic branding + web design expert who slayed and doubled her business growth during our time together.

Meet Chris, a career coach who went from being overwhelmed with 1:1 clients to developing the systems, structure, and strategy needed so she can scale her business with much more ease AND make twice as much profit.

Meet Francesca, another past grad who was able to go from feeling stuck to having the strategy, structure, and self belief to create the business and life that she can finally enjoy by learning how to work in flow.

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  • Instant, Lifetime Access to the entire OBA course and community
  • Monthly Q+A calls with Mel & Soph where you can get all your questions answered.
  • Complimentary 3 month free all access pass to our personal CRM
  • 50+ pages of website, sales page and funnel templates
  • 6 Brand Kits complete with bespoke logos, color palettes & typography
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  • Instant, Lifetime Access to the entire OBA course and community
  • Monthly Q+A calls with Mel & Soph where you can get all your questions answered.
  • Complimentary 3 month free all access pass to our personal CRM
  • 50+ pages of website, sales page and funnel templates
  • 6 Brand Kits complete with bespoke logos, color palettes & typography
  • A fully automated checkout onboarding sequence
  • Complete Financial Business Breakdown template
  • Templates for an email opt-in page, thank you page, upsell page, conversion driven freebie
  • Email nurture sequence templates and guides